Hi there! Thanks for joining me again on the blog. Where in the world has the year gone!


Do you feel like you have been rushing through the days trying to keep up with everything on your mental & physical ‘to do’ lists? If so, I am right there with you! Since my memory isn’t the greatest, I write down the smallest tasks. But do you know what that causes…


Before our move I decided to get ‘back to the basics’ by integrating tips I share with my clients to improve productivity and decrease anxiety.

So, how do you create a ‘to do’ that works?

  1. Plan ahead: I would encourage you to set aside 10-15 minutes, 1-2 days before the upcoming week to create your ‘to do’ list and map out your schedule. My week starts on Monday and typically ends on Friday or Saturday; therefore, I usually set aside time on Friday afternoons during Remy’s nap to work on my ‘to do’ list for the following week. By setting aside time to create my list in advance (instead of Monday morning) I am able to map out a clear and strategic plan on how I will tackle my tasks for the upcoming week. There is nothing worse than starting the week off rushing to write a list of all the things you have ‘to do’ when you could be checking things off of that list instead.

2. Complete urgent or difficult tasks first: Have you ever been going hard and knocking things off your ‘to do’ list, but still find yourself struggling to meet deadlines? If this is the case this may not be a productivity issue but a priority issue. This is a easy peasy fix. After you create your ‘to do’ list number your tasks by their due dates or level of importance. This will help you complete whatever assignment is due on Wednesday before tasks due on Friday.

3. Think about the process: Just a warning… this tip was a game changer for me. So, now that you’ve created your ‘to do’ list and prioritized your tasks it is time to look at your calendar. When are you going to get everything done?

Lets use this blog post as an example. If I want this post to go live on Thursday morning at 6AM I have to complete it prior to that due date. The secret to getting this post completed on time without feeling like a chicken with its head cut off is adding the time I am going to work on this post to my calendar.

Another important tip is to be realistic about how long it takes you to complete a task when adding ‘work time’ to your schedule. With that being said, it may not be helpful to put two tasks that take 3 hours each on the same day if you don’t have that kind of time. Instead, break your ‘to do’ list up into easy to digest pieces of 2-3 tasks per day (1 major & 2 minor).

4. Stop multitasking: Don’t get mad at me… but I want to encourage you to STOP MULTITASKING! Just stop it! Our culture applauds multitasking and I have even had jobs where it was listed as a ‘must have’ skill, but lets be honest… is it really that helpful?

No, it’s not.

By working on one task at a time you can increase your productivity level because you’re actually able to focus on what you’re doing. But if there is absolutely no way you can go without multitasking (I’m still guilty so you’re not alone) try saving the multitasking for tasks that don’t require much thought.

5. Accountability partner: Everything is always a little easier when you have a friend around to hold you accountable. So, now that you’ve created your list, prioritized your tasks, scheduled your ‘work time’, and hopefully bought into reducing the amount of time you spend multitasking it is time to pick a accountability partner. Who is going to be there to encourage you to get all of your stuff done? This can be your partner, friend, work BFF, or a member of your mom tribe.

If you have been overwhelmed by your ‘to do’ list lately give these tips a try. Set aside some time tomorrow to work on next week’s ‘to do’ list with a clear and calm mind.

See you next week,


What tips do you have for creating a ‘to do’ list that works?

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