Hi Mama,

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to invest in yourself.

My name is Patience, and I am the woman behind WHOA MAMA. In addition to everything surrounding mental wellness I love hot wings, music festivals, crafts, guitar playing, yoga, and my baby boy.

Since we are getting to know each other can I ask you an honest question? Have you ever felt trapped? I do not mean physically, but mentally & emotionally held captive by your life?

I have!

At one point I placed myself on the back burner, and put most of my time, energy, and most importantly my thoughts into my family. You may be thinking, but “you’re a wife and mother so why is that bad?” But that was the problem. I put all my time into my family and not myself.

As a mother it is common to give 100% of yourself to your family. But after investing 100% of your time into others, how much have you invested in yourself?

My entire career has focused on helping my clients improve their lives by assisting them in uncovering and leveraging their own strengths. I offer mental wellness coaching to help moms who set their needs aside deal with feelings of guilt, uncertainty, and self-doubt. By helping mamas decrease their negative self-talk & limiting beliefs I help create a space where mamas can get out of their own way and be there for themselves the same way they are for their families. WHOA MAMA was created to provide you with a supportive, guilt free, and productive space to experience personal growth.

As a Coach, I provide my clients with the confidence to reclaim their personal identities and prioritize their mental health to live a more balanced life. My background as a Certified Professional Coach & Licensed Professional Counselor with specialized training in perinatal mood disorders has allowed me to be successful in assisting my clients reach their goals by utilizing the power of connection and collaboration as the foundation of our professional relationship.

As a proud military brat and spouse, I have developed a lot of “personal grit” or what others may call resilience and rely heavily on this concept both personally and professionally. We all have strengths to help us on our life journey, and I am here to assist you in unveiling and developing this unchartered territory.  I am an exceptional accountability partner and believe by helping my clients work through moments of discomfort, they will ultimately be one step closer to long lasting change.

I have adopted the following principles, or what I like to call the 3-Ps to assist during the coaching process.

Preparation– developing an individualized plan with action-oriented steps to reach your personal goals.
Partnership– partnering with you by empowering and holding you accountable during and in between your sessions.
Prosperity– by putting your plan into action you will start flourishing in all areas of your life.

Your success is highly dependent on you finding the right Coach; therefore, I offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the reason you are seeking coaching and to determine if I am the right coach for you. Mama, I would love to be a part of your success story. Check out the blog for weekly doses of inspiration & tips. If you want to discuss how we can create a space for you to not only to survive but thrive use the link below to set up a time for us to chat.

Let’s do motherhood together

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