Coaching meetings serve as a time where we work together to discuss your thoughts, feelings, experience, and develop tools to improve your mental wellness. Managing motherhood, work, and all of the places in between is extremely time consuming; therefore, each coaching meeting is only 45 minutes and is offered via video conference so you have the flexibility of meeting around your busy schedule.

Finding the right Coach is pertinent to your success. A 15-minute consultation can be scheduled to determine if we would be a good fit. During this time we will briefly discuss your reason for seeking coaching and the coaching process. After your consultation if you are interested in partnering together we will then schedule your self-discovery session.

Whether you are interested in meeting one time or over a longer period I am here to assist and grow with you.

Patience has helped me to remember who I am as a individual while balancing life as a mom, partner, & business owner. She has allowed me to show up better for myself, in the same way I have my family & business.


Individual Coaching Packages

Prepare Package

Equips you with the initial steps to come out of the shadows and rediscover who you truly are

3 meetings

Includes a self-discovery meeting and 2 additional meetings within 3 months

Partner Package

Provides a deeper focus on your strengths and discipline through accountability

6 meetings

Includes a self-discovery meeting and 5 additional meetings within 3 months

Prosper Package

Continue building confidence, master the tools and reintroduce yourself to others in your world

9 meetings

Includes a self-discovery meeting and 8 additional meetings within 6-months

Individual meetings are offered and can be scheduled on a individual basis

Patience is a great accountability partner. She is slow to speak and always listens before offering sound suggestions. She has been a integral part of my life and inspired me to accomplish my short & long term goals.


Group Coaching

a postpartum state of mind

Are you an expecting mama or do know of one in your circle? Oftentimes, when working with clients, I hear, “I never knew that”, “Wow, that’s normal”, or “Why didn’t my doctor talk to me about this?”

As a result of this trend I created A Postpartum State of Mind as a space to educate, normalize, and validate the complex feelings, emotions, & changes that occur to a woman’s mental health during the postpartum period.

Your mental state after having your baby is key; therefore, whether this is your first, third, or fifth pregnancy, this group was created for you.

This virtual group meets covers the following topics:

  • Who am I
  • Loving the skin I’m in
  • Coping with the “what if’s”
  • Introduction to maternal mental health
  • Perinatal psychiatric illnesses
  • Developing your postpartum care plan

My hope is that after our time together you will leave with an extended support network, better understanding of yourself as a woman, maternal mental health issues, an individualized care plan to better equip you after your baby arrives, and feel comfortable tackling the unique challenges of motherhood.

A Postpartum state of Mind is offered as a one time 3-hr event or 6-week group.

In addition to the group you are encouraged to pursue two, 25-minute mental wellness check-ins during your postpartum period.

If you would like to know if A Postpartum State of Mind is for you, please schedule a time for us to chat below.

Patience helped me to tap into strengths I didn’t realize I had as I’ve allowed fear and uncertainty to limit my potential.


Let’s do motherhood together

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