Individual Services

Embrace the good, bad, and ugly of motherhood

Individual meetings serve as a time where we work together to discuss your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and develop tools to improve your mental wellness. Managing motherhood, work, and all of the places in between is extremely time consuming; therefore, each meeting is only 45 minutes and is offered via video conference so you have the flexibility of meeting around your busy schedule.

I have adopted the following principles, or what I like to call the 3-Ps to assist while we work together.


We will develop an individualized plan with action-oriented steps to reach your personal goals.


We are in a partnership where I get to walk alongside you to empower and hold you accountable during and in between your sessions.


We put your plan into action and if needed, adjust along the way so you can stop surviving and start thriving without compromising your mental health.

Whether you are interested in meeting once or over a longer period of time I am here to assist and grow with you.

Finding the right provider is pertinent to your success. A free 15-minute consultation is offered to determine if we would be a good fit. During this time we will briefly discuss your reason for seeking services, I will answer questions, and explain my approach in working with clients. After our consultation if you are interested in partnering together we will then schedule your first session.

Unfortunately, as I prepare for maternity leave I am not accepting new individual therapy or coaching clients until I return. If you would like to be added to my waiting list please email me at

Therapy services are only offered to GA and NE residents.

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Individual Session: $175

Group Services

A Postpartum State of Mind

A program that provides expecting mamas with the support they need

Are you an expecting mama or have one in your circle? Oftentimes, when working with clients, I hear, “I never knew that”, “Wow, that’s normal”, or “Why didn’t my doctor talk to me about this?”

Well, mental health issues among pregnant and postpartum women is extremely common. In fact, 1 in 5 women are diagnosed with a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder with Black women being twice as likely to experience these disorders but less likely to receive treatment.

As a result of these alarming rates I created A Postpartum State of Mind as a space to educate, normalize, and validate the complex feelings, emotions, & changes that occur to a woman’s mental health during the prenatal & postpartum periods.

Your mental state after having your baby is key; therefore, whether this is your first, third, or fifth pregnancy, this group was created for you.

This virtual group will cover the following topics:

Who am I?

You will feel empowered to balance the changes that occur in motherhood without compromising your roles, interests, & goals as a woman.

Loving the skin I’m in

You will be given strategies to cope and embrace the changes to your physical appearance after having your baby.

Coping with the “what if’s”

You will be equipped with simple but effective coping skills & strategies to manage unexpected stressors during the perinatal & postpartum period.

Introduction to maternal mental health

You will be equipped with best practices and strategies to decrease changes in mood as a result of sleep deprivation, “mommy brain”, and baby blues.

Perinatal psychiatric illnesses

You will have an increased awareness and will be able to identify potential symptoms & risk factors associated with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Developing your postpartum care plan

You will complete an individualized and detailed postpartum recovery care plan to share with your support persons. This will serve as a guide and cheat sheet to accompany you once your baby arrives to ensure your fourth trimester is treated as a TRUE postpartum recovery period.

A Postpartum state of Mind is offered as a one time 3-hour class or 6-week group. All classes and groups are offered virtually so you can attend from the comfort of your home.

3-hour class experience includes:

  • Two instructional modules covering the topics, who am I? and loving the skin I’m in
  • 3-hour class covering the topics Coping with the “what if’s”, introduction to maternal mental health, perinatal psychiatric illnesses, and developing your postpartum care plan
  • Postpartum State of Mind e-book
  • Postpartum Recovery Care Plan (within e-book)

6-week group experience includes:

  • 6-week group will meet for 90 minutes, one time per week, for six consecutive weeks
  • Postpartum State of Mind e-book
  • Postpartum Recovery Care Plan (within e-book)
  • Two, 30 minute mental health check-ins during the postpartum period

Planning for the care of your mental and overall wellness during the postpartum recovery period is extremely important. My hope is that after our time together you will leave with an extended support network, better understanding of yourself as a woman, maternal mental health issues, an individualized care plan to better equip you after your baby arrives, and feel comfortable tackling the unique challenges of motherhood.

Please check back for future offerings of A Postpartum State of Mind.

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