Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you today! WHOA MAMA Blog is 6 months old!!! WOW! I cannot believe it!

Before writing this post, I had to get myself together and quick because I contemplated whether I was going to celebrate publicly or privately. Of course, when I look on social media (seems like we all have a love/hate relationship with our socials) I see others celebrating 1-year anniversaries but not 6 months.

So, while I was sitting in the comparison trap, I decided to think about some of the goals I have achieved. I usually write down my accomplishments and re-evaluate around every 3 months, so a sit down with my goals was on the way. But due to the thoughts I was experiencing in that moment, it was important for me to combat them right then and there. I know combat may sound like a strong word, but that is real. Sometimes we must arm ourselves and get ready for head to head combat with our own minds.

So, I did a simple exercise.

Acknowledge: First, I acknowledged I was having thoughts that were not helpful and to be frank did not make me feel good.

Thoughts: Next, I homed in on one of the thoughts I was having, “no one celebrates after 6 months.”

Change: Then I did a quick thought check which is a simple concept I do with myself & clients where I decide whether a thought, I am having is helpful or harmful. If it is helpful, I keep thinking about it, and if it is not, I give it the boot.

And to take it a step further I challenged my current thought by thinking, “is there a rule saying you can only celebrate at the 1-year mark?”

NOPE there is not! Looks like I made that rule up all on my own.

Then I ramped it up even further and proceeded to think of the mental list of my achievements over the past 6 months.

**Side note: If you are familiar with the concept of reframing your thoughts this is the exact same thing. I am all about making “technical terms” simple, so you will hear me refer to this tool as a thought check instead**

Plan: Next,I created a plan on how I was going to celebrate the blog turning 6-months old. This is being done by acknowledging this accomplishment to myself, informing my support system (who loves hyping me up by the way), writing a blog post, and sharing to my social media accounts.

Choose: Last but not least, this post is proof that I made the CHOICE to become unstuck in my thinking and move forward with putting my plan into action.

And I am so happy I did because I am extremely proud of myself and thankful that you have allowed me to share WHOA MAMA with you.

So, what is holding you back? If you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, I would encourage you to do this exercise. If this is a new activity go ahead and pull out a sheet of paper and let’s get to it.

It is time to start training your mind and going to battle with yourself and your excuses. Yup, I said it! EXCUSES!

I am being real and honest with you because I am constantly having to be real and honest with myself. And believe me there are times when I DO NOT want to hear it!

I know the example I provided was minor, but what if I told you I was in the same situation a little over 6-months ago? Well, I was.

I was standing in my own way about starting this blog and having it be a major extension of my business. And I had to do some thought checking to get rid of the EXCUSES I was telling myself.

I don’t have enough time. EXCUSE

I’ll wait until my husband’s schedule is more predictable. EXCUSE

I’ll wait until we move. EXCUSE

I don’t have enough to write about. EXCUSE

I’ll wait till Remy is older. EXCUSE

I don’t know how to create a blog. EXCUSE

As you see I was knee deep in excuses and I had to pull myself out. And in times where I found myself trying to snuggle back up with my excuses I called in reinforcements. I called in members of my tribe to pull me out by telling me to “get my life” in their own way.

So, as an unofficial member of your tribe (yup, I invited myself into your friend group) I am going to encourage you again to do this simple but powerful exercise. If you remain consistent in training your mind and thoughts you will be blown away by what you can do, and in 6-months we will be celebrating you!

Thanks again for stopping by and celebrating WHOA MAMA!!! Now it’s time to get to work so we can celebrate you.

See you next time,


What is stopping you from taking the next step and getting out of your own way? Take the first step by acknowledging your excuses by dropping them in the comment section below.

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