Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a post where I shared that my husband and I will be leaving sunny Florida for Warner Robins, GA in the next few months.

We knew our time in Florida was going to be short lived as we moved here solely for my husband to complete training. But we are beyond excited that our next home will remain in the south and place us even closer to our family and friends. Being stationed in Georgia is a tremendous blessing and is the closest thing to a military miracle we will probably get during my husband’s career.

Since we will be living in Georgia for quite a few years we are decided to lay down some roots; in other words, we decided to purchase a home. As first-time home buyers we were unwilling to buy a house sight unseen, so you know what that means….


One of the many luxuries of being a military wife is having my husband restricted to a 2-hour radius of our home leaving me to do the physical house hunting without him (I hope you caught my sarcasm here).

So, last week in the midst of the news coverage regarding the racial injustice and killings of our black men & women, Remy and I packed up our stuff and got on the road. Initially, I was not looking forward to this trip but as I embarked on our journey to Georgia I realized how much I needed to disconnect from the constant images and triggers I was exposed to from the media. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and somehow a trip I was dreading provided me with comfort and time to reset.

Shout out to my mom for meeting Remy & I in Georgia for this much needed overnight trip that I used to house hunt and receive mental break.

Remy is a bit of a road trip pro as he has been on 8 different trips ranging from 2-13 hours since he was 6 months old. Since outside is slowly but surely opening back up, and you may be itching to travel I wanted to provide some tips on what I found helpful on our trips with Remy. 

**If you have joined me on the blog before you will not be surprised that most of these tips will require you to plan and prepare ahead of time**

Map it out: Even though we have access to GPS to guide us from point A to point B, I prefer to map out my trip in advance, especially my solo trips with Remy. I prefer to stop for food, gas, or a good stretch in larger towns (especially in the South); therefore, by knowing the route I can plan which city/town I will be stopping in ahead of time.  

Pack in advance: I make a list and usually pack two days in advance, but the longer the trip the earlier I pack. This provides me with a cushion to add any additional items I may have missed the first time around.

Clothes: Along with whatever I plan on wearing throughout my trip I pack an extra outfit & undergarments for myself & extra outfit/onesie/pajamas for Remy. I usually prep my clothes the night before in my everyday life anyway, but it is an absolute must when I am traveling. On our last trip I had to be presentable as soon as I got in town, so my travel outfit was a jumpsuit that was comfy enough for the car and snazzy enough to wear throughout the day, andI waited to change and to do Remy’s hair once we arrived too Georgia.  

Toiletries: I have separate toiletry items I use specifically for traveling. This includes toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, soap, bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, & makeup brushes. I usually don’t travel with makeup on, but if I have to be ready to go like on my last trip I prepare my makeup bag the previous night, apply in the morning, and place the items back in the bag.  

You might think I’m cheap but if I’m staying at a hotel I use the items I brought and replace them with the items from the hotel. They’re compact, easy to travel with, and you’re already prepared for your next trip.

Snacks: On 2-4-hour trips I try to avoid making any stops; therefore, I bring along snacks. I prefer fresh fruit, Sargento snacks, Starbucks Frappuccino, & water. This time I added some popcorn and vegan cookies to the mix. In the past I have stopped for coffee but decided this time around I would pack the premade Starbucks Frappuccino because Remy wakes up whenever the car stops, and it was a nice substitute for my regular hot coffee. On longer trips we usually stop at the 4-hour mark to get gas, food/coffee, and stretch.

Other baby items: Again, the length of the trip will determine what/how many items I pack for Remy. Aside from his clothes, diapers, and wipes, I make sure his diaper bag is completely stocked, I have a few toys, spoons, cup, food/snacks, baby carrier, and his foldable chair. I forgo taking his pack-n-play since he sleeps in the bed with me/us when we are on trips.

Car: Since I leave early in the morning, I pack the car the night before. This allows me to have a swift exit in the morning because all I have is my baby bag (snacks & makeup inside), Remy, and myself.

Leave early: I am not a morning person at all! But to alleviate the amount of crying or screaming I may endure from an upset baby/toddler who is trapped in a car seat I leave pretty early. 5AM is our sweet spot. This provides us enough time to make a nice dent in our longer trips, or to finish the trip all together if it is a shorter trip as Remy usually remains sleep the first 4 hours.   

Stop: There have been a few times where I was extremely tired and really needed a coffee fix, so I had to stop two hours into my trip. Or Remy was screaming at the top of his lungs 45 minutes straight after we just got back on the road and come to find out he pooped. When you are traveling with a little one it is likely that your trip may take longer because of unforeseen circumstances. So, if you need to stop… just Stop.  

Buy forgotten items: If there is something you forget you are in luck because there are stores everywhere. On a trip to Alabama to see my parents I forgot to grab the milk out of the freezer I previously pumped. So, when we got into town we stopped by Wal-Mart and purchased a hand pump. So, don’t give yourself a hard time. It happens.

Have you made a trip with your little one or is this unchartered territory? What tip do you think you will try on your next trip? Let’s help each other out by sharing our travel tips in the comment section below.

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See you next time,


**If you need any additional support as you navigate motherhood schedule a 15-minute consultation with Patience today. You are not alone mama.**

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4 thoughts on “Road Trip with Baby

  1. I can relate to the need to unplug and also agree that something as simple as traveling can be just what we need. My little family recently went on a trip to dig for for crystals and it was so peaceful. I love the enthusiasm in your voice about house hunting alone, #militaryspousestruggles, ha! Congrats on your PCS!


  2. Hahaha @ “remy pooped”. All of this sounds too familiar. We traveled 10 hours (which turned into 14 hours with the kids from Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA. Buying a home for me was exciting and frustrating at the same time. Instead of pooping my son vomited all over the floor of the car. Talk about a stinky headache LOL. I loved this post (insert sigh)


    1. You know the struggle of traveling with kids oh too well. Thanks for checking it out and knowing my pain with the “pooping” lol. I feel like vomiting is worse than pooping because poop can go in the diaper. Fingers crossed the house hunting is all done for us because I feel the exact same way with house hunting. It would be so much easier if I lived in the same state.


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