Hi Friends! Thanks for joining me again on the blog. So, let’s get into today’s post. I honestly believe we are social beings who were created to do life together… not alone. Point. Blank. Period.  

Whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert some part of your being needs companionship, connection, and friendship. In this uncertain, wild, eye opening, and ever-changing HOOD called MOTHERHOOD it is imperative to find your tribe.  


These are the people you vent to when you’re at your wits end, call when you receive amazing news, ask for help (I know that’s a hard one but it is a must), laugh about everything under the sun (especially silly memes), and support unconditionally.

When I think about the women, who make up my tribe there are four different types of Mamas that come to mind.

My kids are out of the house Mama

This is the mama who’s been there done that. Her children are significantly older than yours and may even be out of the house. She has tons of knowledge, wisdom, and misses holding a baby. She reminds you to show yourself grace, cherish these tender moments because “they grow up so fast”, and offers to babysit because she remembers how difficult it can be those first few years.

She looks forward to snuggling your baby so you can enjoy a “hands free” meal, calmly suggests that you give your son a frozen teething ring after falling and busting his lip, and watches your little one so you can have an hour to yourself. (All true stories)

Light at the end of the tunnel Mama

This mama gives you hope. She is a little more seasoned in the motherhood game and reminds you that your temporary struggles are just that… temporary. She normalizes your feelings, laughs when you tell her you had no idea motherhood was going to be like this, and gives insight on what you will be experiencing in the upcoming years.

She makes you answer the question “how are you doing honestly”, blesses you with all the baby & toddler items she never cleared out of storage, and tells you that you are doing a great job at just the right time.

I know your struggle Mama

This is the Mama who gets it! Right here, right now. Even though your mothering situation is not exactly the same there is something known as “close enough”. And I am okay with “close enough”. This mama has a child around the same age as yours and is down in the trenches with you.

She understands why you hide in the bathroom for an extra 10 minutes, responds to your 3AM text messages because she’s up too, and provides you with a sense of  comfort because she’s trying to figure it out just like you.

I’m not a Mama

This is the woman in your tribe who is not a mama. And her role in your life is so important because she connects you to the girl you used to be while supporting you as a mother.

She is your child’s favorite auntie and loves hearing about all of your “mommy things”. And she provides you with a much-needed mental break as your conversations are oftentimes about everything else but motherhood.

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of the women in my life I want to hear about the women in your tribe. Have these women been in your life for years, or do you have a budding new friendship?

Leave a comment in the section below about how you have been connecting with other mamas since you have made the transition into motherhood. Have you learned anything from these relationships in your life that can benefit another mama? If so, please share.

See you next time,


If you read this post, and are unable to name one person who is a part of your tribe I would encourage you to consider joining a mom’s group, tapping into a hobby that has a class associated with it such as (art, yoga, cooking, cross fit), attending a in person or online support group (postpartum, breastfeeding, NICU), engaging in Facebook groups, or reconnect with family members or friends you may have drifted away from (as long as the relationship did not drift on bad terms of course). Remember mama, life and motherhood are not meant to be done alone. Your tribe is out there and you will find them.

**If you need any additional support as you navigate motherhood schedule a 15-minute consultation with Patience today. You are not alone mama.**

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