Hi Friend! Thanks for joining me again on the blog. If you have connected with me on Instagram or through my Facebook business page, you would have seen that my husband and I became first time homeowners at the beginning of month! Woo hoo! We are beyond excited!

So, you know what that means… We are on the move again!

Even though this will be our second move in 9 months it did not come as a surprise. Thank goodness! Just knowing you have a move coming up can make all the difference sometimes. Since my husband completed his training successfully, we will be saying goodbye to sunny Florida and heading to Georgia.

Fun fact! Prior to being stationed at Offutt AFB, in Nebraska I lived in Atlanta, GA for 5 ½ years. Atlanta is a huge part of my life story. This is where I spent the majority of my twenties, kick started my career as a licensed therapist, became a festival junkie, and traffic became a normal part of life.

Even though I won’t be going back to Atlanta but Robins AFB this girl is excited to be a Georgia Peach again!

So, this week I wanted to give you all four tips to help prevent any additional stress when prepping for your move. 

Purge: Do you know what is worse than unpacking? Unpacking unnecessary trash and junk that has accumulated in your home naturally over time. So, I would highly encourage you to purge! Clean out the junk drawer in your kitchen, nightstands, sort through your clothes, shed, bathroom cabinets, and don’t forget about the random mail that may be laying around.

I usually start this process 1 month before our move. By purging in advance, you can take your time. Instead of devoting an entire day (unless that’s your thing) you can divide you home into smaller sections, and tackle one room, closet, or drawer at a time. This helps to prevent burn out, exhaustion, or being completely through with the moving process before it even begins.

Eat your food: Traveling with food is hard, and in some cases, nearly impossible. Check out what you have in the fridge, freezer, and pantry and put meals together using the items you already have in your home. We typically gift food items the movers are unable to pack to friends, but unfortunately with COVID-19 we are unable to do that this time around. Therefore, it is even more important to me that we eat as much of our food as we can to prevent from being wasteful and having to throw it out.

Clean in advance: I like to travel to my new destination as soon as possible. So, if you are not hiring a cleaning company, I would highly recommend cleaning a few days prior to your pack or move date. You can clean your bathrooms, remaining kitchen appliances, and walls. And after the movers put your items on the truck you can finish by touching up counter tops, any hidden spots on the wall needing to be wiped down, doing a quick vacuum, or sweeping. It takes me around 30 minutes and then I am out of there.

Do not enter room: If you hired packers & movers it can be helpful to have a “do not enter room”. This is a room in your home you dedicate to holding all the items you will need while you are in that “in between” stage of move. As you read, I clean in advance and since I hate cleaning the bathroom more than I have to, I usually dedicate the master bathroom as the “do not enter” room. If it is difficult to create a “do not enter room” packing your items in your car is nice alternative.

I wish I could have a “Do Not Enter” room everyday

As a military family moving becomes a natural part of life. But even if your move is planned and every single detail comes together flawlessly there always seems to be an unspoken layer of stress. What tips do you have to alleviate stress during the moving process? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

See you next time,


Since my move is literally next week, I will not be offering any consultations or appointments until August. Luckily, I was able to create some posts in advance so be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts. If you don’t want to miss out on any future posts, updates, or announcements please subscribe below.

If you need any additional support as you navigate motherhood schedule a 15-minute consultation with Patience today. You are not alone mama.

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