Welcome back friends! This week’s post is going to be pretty light. If you’re an expecting mama chances are you’ve been talking to friends, searching websites, and even reading blog posts about the latest and greatest baby items. So, if that’s been you then today you’re in for a treat because this post is all about the most frequently used baby items in the Riley household. Outside of diapers, wipes, and onesies of course!

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Delta children deluxe sweet beginnings bassinet: If you decided to have your baby sleep in the room with you I recommend getting a bassinet. Ours was beside our bed so we could have easy access to Remy when he woke up at night. Prior to purchasing or adding a bassinet to your registry it may be helpful to check the size requirements. Remy was a pretty big boy when he was born so he outgrew his by the time he was 3 months old.

This was the only picture I could find. Check out the bassinet is in the back.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Change ‘n Carry Playard: Our house in Nebraska was two stories; therefore, we wanted a place in our living room where we could change Remy’s diapers and he could nap. A friend recommended and gifted us a pack-n-play. Our pack-n-play came with a full size bassinet and changing table with built in storage pockets that could be removed and transitioned into a toddler play pen. We used our pack-n-play several times a day EVERY day up until Remy was about 6 months old. Also, a pack-n-play is perfect when you’re on the go. Please be mindful that if you’re traveling with your baby after they’ve outgrown the bassinet section and they are sleeping in the play pen portion you might want to consider purchasing a pack-n-play mattress. Unfortunately, when Remy and I lived with my parents I was unaware that pack-n-play mattresses existed, so instead I was stuck padding the pack-n-play with extra blankets in a attempt to make it more comfortable.

Graco jogging stroller & snugfit 30 car seat: Before purchasing a stroller it is important to decide how, when, and where you plan to use your stroller. Since I love being outside I knew I was going to need a stroller that was durable, offered a smooth ride for baby (I feel like big wheels ensure a smoother ride), maneuvers well on side walks and trails, and can be taken on a run/jog since that is my husband’s preferred way to exercise. I love that any Graco car seat can fit into their jogging strollers because this provides versatility for both items. I was very intentional about the car seat I selected. I wanted a car seat that was safe, light weight, cute, and able to fit in the jogging stroller. Our Graco car seat is only 10lbs (without the base) which was ideal, versus the car seat that my husband has which is 21lbs (without the base). Trust me that extra 11lbs makes a huge difference when you’re lugging around your baby.

But lets get back to the stroller. A lot of Graco jogging strollers and car seats come as a matching set. But if you’re not interested in buying them together you can follow our lead and purchase them separately. I love our jogging stroller because it has the ability to fit any Graco car seat on top, has tons of storage, is easy to open & close, and has a front facing option when your little one is older. If you’ve had your eyes on a jogging stroller you might want to be mindful of its size. I keep ours in my trunk, and even though I still have room it takes up quite a bit of space.

Infantino baby carrier: When I became pregnant I was really excited about “wearing” my baby. In my mind I saw myself walking around with my baby nice and snug in one of those soft wraps. Well, unfortunately ya girl could not figure out how to get the dag on wrap to work. After watching several videos and failing miserably (by failing I mean having a lopsided baby in the thing) I decided to throw in the towel. So, when I tell ya’ll the Infantino baby carrier was the best gift I never asked for that is a HUGE understatement. Remy fit in this carrier nice and snug when he was 1 and half months old and I still wear him now. The older your baby gets the more versatile the carrier becomes as you can wear them facing your chest, outwards, and even on your back. My favorite feature is how quickly you can put the carrier on and snap your baby in safe and sound. As you read before I couldn’t figure out how to put on the wrap carriers so being able to snap Remy in with two clicks was great for me. Baby carriers are great for ever day activities such as cooking, cleaning, snuggling a baby without having to physically hold them so your arms can get a break, or store runs. So, if you’re currently making your baby registry I highly recommend adding a similar baby carrier. Do not follow my lead and only ask for wrap style carriers. I am so thankful for our friends who bought this item because it has truly been a life saver.

Summer Pop ‘N Sit Portable Booster: One day my husband and I went to lunch with his class. When we arrived to the restaurant one couple had their daughter sitting at the table in a portable chair. I was amazed and thought it was the coolest thing ever! I had to have one for Remy! About a week later I was in Wal Mart and saw the chair for $20.00 and the rest is history. The Summer portable booster chair is light weight (Remy can close it), has an attachable tray, pocket in the back to hold additional items (spoons/bibs), and carry bag. If you plan on taking any extra precautions once outside opens back up such as limiting the use of high chairs or booster seats in restaurants I highly recommend the portable booster chair.

We use our chair every single day, and I’ve recommended it to at least 5 people. Since the majority of our meals are eaten in the living room it is more convenient for Remy to sit in his portable chair instead of his high chair. And because we can remove the tray this chair is the perfect place for him to sit when he isn’t running around the house.

Bonus item: Since I brought up diapers earlier in this post I would feel horrible if I didn’t warn you about Pampers 360 diapers. My husband and I are not picky about the kind of diapers my son wears as he’s been in all kind of brands from Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Seventh Generation, and even the amazon diaper brand. But whatever diaper you decide to go with please steer clear of Pampers 360 diapers. They are the absolute worst! These diapers are essentially pull ups for babies, and if you know anything about babies you know they are not equipped to pull down their diapers like a toddler would a pull up. My husband and I found it extremely difficult to change diapers that resembled pulls ups especially when my son pooped. So, if you want to avoid a head ache and a big old poopy mess please refrain from using Pampers 360 diapers. All the other Pampers diapers are amazing! But Pampers 360…not so much.

If you are currently creating your registry, shopping for a friend, or maybe just looking to spend a little bit of money I hope this helped. You never know what your family & friends are going to invest for you and your little one so put everything you can on your registry. We were extremely blessed and the only item we purchased from the list above was the Summer portable booster chair. So, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Since I didn’t want to go on and on I left out a few items that I plan to reference in future posts that are must haves in my home. If you continue to check in at some point I’ll be talking about my nursing pillow, 3-in 1 cover, and baby bag (again).

So, come on mamas lets help each other out. Share your must have baby items below. And if you like what you read please like share, comment, or subscribe.


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