Are you coming off the new year high? You know what I’m talking about. The high where you’re all about tackling your goals, going hard in 2021, and being super productive? If I’m being completely honest with you my new year high never hit.

Did I establish goals?


Write them down?


Share with a friend?


Have a whole plan?


But all of my 2020 grinding got the best of me, and your girl was burned out! One of my goals for 2021 was to prioritize my writing but every time I sat down with my laptop I lacked inspiration, motivation, and focus. This was a HUGE red flag, so, I knew it was time to rest. Still being in a pandemic, taking care of my active little guy, grinding in my private practice, moving, having little to no alone time (I love my boys but we’ve spent A LOT of time together), starting a blog, and missing people (I’m a extravert ya’ll) I deserved to rest.

At this point it was 100% necessary.

So, I took the entire month of January off… or more accurately took several steps from my usual hustle and bustle because I couldn’t abandon all my duties. But where I’m a huge advocate for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation I know when I’m on the line. The line where rest turns into lack of motivation, relaxation turns into complacency, and rejuvenation turns into procrastination. So, when the last week of January rolled around and I was still doing the bare minimum I knew I had to get it together.

Whether you’re trying to prevent burnout or if you’re coming out on the other side I have a few tips to help you get started.

Routine: Have you ever wondered why we used to sit in the same chair in class, take the same route in the grocery store, or get dressed in the same order. We are creatures of habit and thrive off of routines. Even if it isn’t fully developed what routine do you have in place right now? My morning routine stays pretty consistent. Even though it’s been pushed back because of my exhaustion I start my day with scripture, a devotional, making my bed as soon as I get out of it, all the bathroom things, and changing clothes (even if it’s just leggings). My morning routine and Remy motivate me to get up and moving. Morning and nighttime routines are extremely important so pick which one you want to focus on first.

One major task: If it has been awhile since you’ve tackled a mile high ‘to do’ list start small. Remember we’re trying to prevent burnout not encourage it. Completing one major task a day can help build the momentum you need to get going. Once you’ve mastered one task per day start adding to your list. Keep in mind I typically keep my ‘to do’ lists to no more than 4 tasks a day to prevent overwhelm.

What used to work: Slacking on what kept you moving, motivated, and feeling good is extremely common. For some reason after things start going our way and we’re thriving something takes over and we stop doing what helped us get there in the first place. This can be anything some a nutritious diet, exercise, meditation, going to bed early, making a ‘to do’ list, meal prepping, morning yoga routine (this is one of mine), or prioritizing alone time. Find 1-2 things you stopped doing and incorporate them back into your day. My morning yoga routines took a major hit so I’m getting back to it. Try your ‘one thing’ tomorrow and see how you feel. I would be shocked if you aren’t motivated to keep it up.

It can be difficult to come out on the other side of exhaustion but I want to encourage you to join me by taking these three steps. Prioritize your rest, relax when needed, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. But be honest enough to have a real conversation with yourself when you realize you’re walking this slippery line. So, I finally did it! I finally had enough energy, motivation, and drive to write a blog post. Don’t mind me while I celebrate a little bit!

See you next time,


Have you been walking the line? If so, what tip are you going to start prioritizing today?

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