My last vision board =)

Now that you’ve selected your one word, committed to your new year resolutions, or established a goal how is it going to stay at the forefront of your mind?

If you’re up for an art project I have two words for you… VISION BOARD! And FYI… I LOVE VISION BOARDS! Not only do they provide a visual manifestation of what you plan & WILL accomplish, you get to be crafty at the same time.

Since vision boards are extremely popular, I’m sure you have either seen, made, or plan on making one in the future. So, I’ll skip the basics.

Since no one knows your vision better than you, there is no right or wrong way to create your board. But if you are a vision board lover like myself and find that you are making a new one every 6-12 months I have a few tips that will not only help you save time, but will allow you to update your board as you meet your goals.

  • Make it last: Four years ago, I decided I was going to pass on using an oversized sheet of paper as my vision board. This year my board was not only going to be durable, but “pretty”. I did this by using an old wooden picture frame as my border and a sheet of cork board that I then cut, glued, and placed in the frame. Since I used a cork board instead of a piece of paper, I was able to update and create new goals by securing my pictures & quotes with push pins. I promise the construction process of my board was not only simple but fun. If you’re still not convinced because you’re not “crafty” or don’t have the time to commit to this kind of project but would like to have a more ecstatically pleasing board just put your piece of paper in a picture frame. It’s as simple as that!
  • Plan ahead: I view vision boards as an ever-changing canvas displaying our future aspirations; therefore, I create mine with 5-year goals in mind. I start by writing my short-and long-term goals on a sheet of paper and have found that I regularly focus on the following areas: spiritual, health & wellness, self-care, career, finances, and travel. With my goals in those areas in mind I then seek out images and phrases that display my vision. I find it difficult to find images solely from old magazines; therefore, I print out pictures & quotes from my ol’ faithful, pinterest, or google. When it is time to put my items on my board, I make sure all of my images are printed or ripped out of the magazine for easy access.
  • Have fun: Even though vision boards are used to help you reach your goals and create the future you would like to see for yourself don’t forget this is a craft project. So, why not make an event out of it! Call over some girlfriends for a day of food, wine, and crafting. And if that isn’t your thing and you prefer to craft in a space of solitude that’s okay too.

Unfortunately, my vision board didn’t survive our move, so I’ll be getting my craft on, and hopefully you’ll be joining me.

Happy crafting!


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