Hi Friend,

Can you believe the last time we chatted it was summer time? I know, I know, it has been awhile since I’ve checked in, so, I figured it was time for an update!


On August 22, 2021 my husband and I welcomed our second son, Reid Anthony Riley, to the world at 4:31AM. As you can imagine we’ve been spending time adjusting to life with a newborn and navigating as a family of four.

While I was pregnant I prioritized planning and preparing for postpartum life, and so far my recovery period has been A LOT different from my first experience.

In my blog post, What’s on your Mama Registry I shared items I included on my baby registry, and at 6 weeks postpartum I wanted to update you on my most used/favorite items.

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Postpartum Care

As your body is healing it’s nice to have a few items to make your life easier. I had a vaginal delivery; therefore, having a “good” peri-bottle, HUGE overnight pads, and surprisingly this vaginal wash made my bathroom trips and showers more comfortable.

Peri bottle | Always Overnight Pads | Honey Pot mommy to be wash

If you have a vaginal delivery and tear, as I did with Remy, I highly recommend using a perineal spray. Even though I included spray in my care kit I didn’t have to use it this time, but I like this one from Earth Mama.


Honest moment… Postpartum clothing isn’t the most sexy, but as a fan of anything high waisted I found high waist underwear that was not only comfortable but very flattering.

Let’s just say I’ve been feeling myself a bit.

Also, as a way to encourage my uterus to shrink I’ve been wearing shape wear. I gained a significant amount of weight; therefore, I found it more comfortable to start with underwear bottoms before transitioning to boy shorts, and then knee length shorts. Maidenform from Target is a great brand, and lasts a long time. I still have my shape wear from my first pregnancy in 2019.

This next item can go in the clothing or nursing category, but of you plan on nursing I’ve been wearing the same brand of bras since I had Remy. These bras are comfortable, allow easy access, and last a long time.

High waist underwear | Nursing bras | Shape wear


Nursing has been a bit of a challenge, so, I’ve relied heavily on my silicon breast pump to gather milk for bottles while Reid nurses. Other than that my nursing items are pretty standard from a boppy pillow, nipple cream, and reusable organic breast pads.

Boppy pillow | Lansinoh nipple cream

Bamboo organic breast pads | Silicon breast pump

As I continue to adjust and transition to life with a newborn, toddler, getting back into my practice, and overall life I plan to check in more regularly while still extending myself grace. So, if there’s some distance between my posts I’m not ghosting you. I just got caught up in life.

I hope to chat with you soon.


If you want a full list of postpartum items check out my blog post, What to include on your Mama Registry here.

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5 thoughts on “Most used Postpartum items

  1. I think these are some great tips. It seems like stuff like this isn’t shared enough, lol. I think the baby excitement overshadows all the changes a woman’s body goes through to bring life into the world.


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