Hi Friends,

After having a baby, moving, TDYs, work trainings, pandemic, adjusting to yet another home, and let me say it again the PANDEMIC, it has been awhile since my husband and I have gone on a ‘real’ vacation. So, last week we packed our bags and off we went.

My in laws have been eager to get their hands on Remy, so, he spent a few days with them in Charleston, SC while we vacationed in Savannah, GA. Even though my husband and I are from the Charleston area the only time we’ve visited Savannah was on our honeymoon in 2015.

We had an amazing time in a similar yet different city than our own, and were extremely excited to get back.

Even though outside is ‘open open’ we scheduled our trip from Wednesday-Saturday in an attempt to avoid large crowds. If you’re booking a trip and have a similar mindset, spoiler alert! Savannah was PACKED! But onto the rest of the story.

We arrived to our water front hotel just in time for our 4PM check-in. As soon as I jumped out of the car I landed om aching and swollen feet that cut through my mustard colored flats. This was the first time I experienced swollen feet during either of my pregnancies; therefore, I tried to walk it off… that did not work my friends. By the time we made it to the lobby my foot was throbbing and felt as if someone was cutting into my skin. I had to get those shoes off and FAST!

As I wobbled to a nearby sitting area George stood in line with what appeared to be every other guest who was staying at the hotel that week. My feet were immediately relieved once I changed into a pair of flip flops and I sat eager to drop off our bags and grab a bite to eat.

Welp, I have another surprise for you. After leaving the front desk George walked over with a confused look on his face and explained our room was not ready. In fact the hotel clerk had no idea when it would be.

“Whaaaa?”, “How does this happen with such a late check-in time?” I asked.

We sat there for about 2 seconds and decided to get an early dinner while we waited for our room.

Or so we thought.

As soon as our trunk door closed it hit me!


I put the car keys in a bag that was now sitting in our trunk! So, you see folks not only were we waiting for our room, now we were locked out of our car, hungry, and hot. After requesting roadside assistance we went back into the hotel and George sipped on a beer while I drank a glass of water and imagined it was something stronger.


While we waited I received a call from my mom and cousins who were checking in on how our ‘lovely’ trip was going so far. I can be a bit of a story teller, so, I had them cracking up as I explained the antics from our day. It was good to just sit and laugh.

During our chat I received a surprisingly quick call from roadside assistance; therefore, 20 minutes after putting in the request our car was unlocked and off to a nearby restaurant we went.

There was a themed restaurant around the corner and it was packed! That’s a good sign right? We’re usually skeptical of themed restaurants but since we were being lazy we took our chances and waited for over an hour to be seated.

Bad idea.

The bread, appetizer, and salads were pretty good but our entrees where TRASH! My food was flavorless, and George’s meal was awful! It smelled and was covered with an unidentifiable something on it so he stopped eating to avoid getting sick.

As we sat there looking at our meals we shook our heads, recounted the days events, chuckled a little, and said, “with the kind of day we’ve been having this HAD to happen.”

Luckily, while we were waiting to be seated we received a call from the hotel letting us know our room was ready. So, we quickly paid our bill and off we went.

Shortly after arriving we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the water front view, and received free entertainment from a couple who was arguing on the balcony below us.

To close out the first night of our trip I took a nice, long, hot shower, kicked back, relaxed, and somehow fell asleep.

Or so I thought.

To top the night off I was awakened by a hot flash, watery mouth, and upset stomach. If you haven’t already guessed I found myself running to the bathroom and checked this off as the third time I had gotten sick during this pregnancy.

And this folks was the cherry on top to a very interesting first day of our vacation.

So, how was the rest of our trip you ask? It may be hard to imagine, but we had a really good time. During the foolishness of our first day I found myself reflecting on one of my favorite questions to ask clients, “was it a bad day, or a bad 5 minutes that turned into all day?”

Even though our sequence of bad events stretched over more than a 5 minute time span you get my point. This was our first childless trip, and I was determined to combat whatever was trying to steal our joy, and we did that with lots of laughs, visiting places from our honeymoon, and enjoying the simple things.


I’m not sure if we got through the events of day 1 because of our easy going personalities or the concept that sometimes it’s better to laugh than cry. But my oh my did we laugh.


Laughter has a sneaky way of boosting our moods, reducing tension, alleviating our stress responses, and giving us the much needed oxygen to our organs. So, if you ever find yourself with an aching stomach, hunched over, and trying to breath because you’re laughing so hard that’s a good place to be in because you’re about to suck in tons of beautiful oxygen.

So, whether we were cracking up because we’re naturally witty people or as a defense mechanism I believe laughter saved our trip.

Honeymoon moments

When we went on our honeymoon in 2015, we went to Tybee Island where we put our feet in the sand, smelled the ocean air, and soaked up the sun. I was dying to get the beach; therefore, we started day 2 of our trip at a local sandwich shop, then made our way to the beach where we lounged, talked, and soaked our feet in the water. Afterwards we visited a local cafe we stumbled upon in 2015. This place is a gem! Then we went back to our hotel where we showered, lounged, and got ready for dinner. Surprisingly, one of George’s coworkers recommended a restaurant that changed their name, and we visited on our honeymoon as well. This was a special day for us.

Simple things

Throughout our entire trip I soaked up every moment. It was the simple things for me. The sun, beach, flowers, trees, shopping, people, and reconnecting with my husband. So, on the third day we were tourist. I pulled out my camera and snapped shots of flowers, trees, and George as we walked through the historical downtown area. I loved every moment, and George was a really good sport especially since he hates the heat, sweat, and being outside.

So, as we start making our way outside don’t forget to laugh, create new experiences, and enjoy the simple things.

Until next time,


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