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In October 2020 I had the pleasure of having a article, 5 Ways to Maximize Your Self-care, published in Mantra Wellness Magazine, and wanted to share these tips along with one more with you all. With the pandemic still amongst us, winter, and in addition the holiday season there is no surprise our stress levels may rise and fall so it’s important we continue prioritizing our self-care. Whether you have a self-care routine in place or are still finding your groove, I hope you can start implementing one of these tips today.

Is your self-care looking a little different these days? If you usually engage in self-care activities outside of your home, there are few ways you can maximize your self-care.

  1. Mornings & Evenings: Do you have a morning or nighttime routine? If so, what does that look like? The mornings and evenings are perfect times to look in the mirror and recite affirmations, say “I am” statements, or give your body a much-needed stretch. So, what better way to set the tone for your day or to give yourself a personal night cap than throwing in a little self-care.
  2. Schedule it: Do you have a terrible memory? Or are you having a difficult time buying into the whole “self-care thing” because your schedule will not allow it? No worries, problem solved. Pull out your calendar and find a day that is currently open. This may be in the next week or month but whatever day you choose I want you to label this event as “date with self”. Setting aside time in advance to focus on your self-care can prevent your schedule from becoming overbooked with other activities. It is always a nice treat when your “date with self” pops up on your calendar.
  3. 5 minutes a day: Are you a booked & busy person? Well, you are in luck because if you can spare 5 minutes, that is all you need. Breathing exercises, stretching, meditating, reading a devotional, or jotting down two things you are grateful for can all be done in as little as 5 minutes. 
  4. Mindfulness: Self-care activities can provide much needed rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and a mental reset. Whether you are reading a book, drinking tea on your front porch, playing the instrument of your choice, or journaling the benefit gained from these activities can be elevated if they are done mindfully. Focusing solely on being present with yourself and your self-care activity can help provide clarity or reduce distractions from your future obligations or past circumstances even if just for that moment.
  5. Make it an experience: Self-caring at home does not mean that you must compromise on having a top-notch experience. Remember, you are in control and you can set the mood. Grab some bubbles, Epson salt, bath bombs, candles, a glass of wine, your favorite tunes or book. You deserve a first-class experience so go ahead and get to it! Oh, and don’t forget your fuzzy robe and comfy slippers!
  6. Old hobbies: Are you still trying to develop your self-care plan or go to activities? If so, one way to find activities to refuel and recharge your soul is by looking at your old hobbies. I have heard from several women who have said they used to love sewing, playing a instrument, flipping furniture, or nightly reading.

Self-care is our way to refuel ourselves mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, relationally, and spiritually. My hope is you’re able to incorporate one of these tips today to kick start your recharging your battery. Let me know which tip you’re going to start doing today?

Talk to you soon,


If you need any additional support as you navigate motherhood schedule a 15-minute consultation with Patience today. You are not alone mama.

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