Have you ever felt like the universe was against you? These are the times where you oversleep when you have a important meeting, lose your keys, or get stuck in traffic at the absolutely wrong time. It’s almost as if these road blocks were put in your way solely to agitate you. In this three part series I will share some recent situations I was faced that made me shake my head and say, “Not today Satan”.

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have a complicated relationship with time and early mornings. Long story short I have a history of being notoriously late, and have worked extremely hard over the past few years to be on time. One way I have combated my tardiness is to prepare ahead of time. I am the person who preps their outfit, bag, snacks, and drinks the night before. And after becoming a mom I have developed a complicated relationship with sleep, so prepping helps because my brain is a little foggier in the morning.

Since I have come a long way with being on time it was important for me to give you that back story. So, let’s fast forward to the morning where it all went down. I was headed to my mom group (I’ll share more details in a later post). I worked out, had Remy and I dressed, fed, and ready to go with 45-50 minutes to spare for travel. I put my baby bag on, had Remy in one arm, and my coffee in the other hand. On the way out the door I locked the bottom lock and kept on trucking to my car. I clicked the button on my car door and to my surprise I didn’t hear the usual beep that unlocks my doors. So I click again. And again. And again. Then it hits me. “Oh crap! I’m locked out!” I put my coffee down open my bag (which usually holds my keys) and start searching. But there were NO keys. Even though I knew there was no way to get in the house I still checked the front door and the resistance from the knob was my confirmation. I was locked out.

I’m not even going to lie. For two seconds… and I’m pretty sure it was just two seconds I had a mini freak out, but then I got over it. I laughed after I said out loud, “Not Today Satan.” It was a beautiful day outside so I figured this was God’s way of forcing Remy and I to get some fresh air and enjoy nature. We had plenty of drinks (coffee, water, and breastmilk) and other snacks to survive on. So I plopped down in one of my porch chairs and contemplated my next move. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to call my husband because his did not have access to his phone because of his job. So, I called my landlord in hopes that he would have a spare key.

Okay, I’m going to speed the story up a bit. But since our locks were recently changed my landlord and the maintenance man did not have spare keys to our house. So I was still locked out. Since my landlord has several properties in my neighborhood I was given access to one of the homes where I was able to relax on one of their couches, watch T.V., play with Remy, and chat with a friend until I received a return call from my husband. Once my husband went on lunch he regained access to his phone and was able to come home and let me in the house.

In total I was locked out of the house for 3.5-4 hours with a baby by myself. And you know what… it was okay. I got some fresh air, ate my snacks, and was extended some grace and kindness by my landlord. Even though I did not have the outing I planned on it was an outing in deed. Anger and frustration are legitimate feelings to have and experience at times, but I was not in the mood to experience them for long. So, I made a choice and I didn’t. I was not about to let my whole day be ruined by a situation that was out of my control. We have the ability to choose and I used my power of choice to determine the feelings I was going to experience in that moment. I wasn’t going to let him get me. Not Today Satan.


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