Happy Thursday! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here with me. This week I am posting a day late because today is a exciting and special day in my life. Today is my son’s birthday!!! Yes, there are two February babies in the house. But let me say that one more time just in case you missed it, TODAY IS MY BABY’S BIRTHDAY! I have a ONE YEAR OLD! I have been a mother for A WHOLE YEAR NOW. Like many other mamas, today is filled with an array of emotions from excitement, fear, joy, uncertainty, gratitude, exhaustion (because he still won’t let me sleep), and many many more. So, now that I’ve gotten over the shock of my little boy no longer being the teeny tiny baby he was 365 days ago, lets dig into today’s post.

Initially, I was going to follow the same format I used in my post “32 lessons from a 32 year old” by sharing 20 characteristics, interests, or behaviors about my son since his birthday is February 20th. Well, change of plans because once I got started I couldn’t stop. So just a heads up… you’re going to get more than 20.

Here’s a little bit about the boy who transformed my life and has blessed me to a level I didn’t even know was possible just by him being born.

1. Saying he’s a mama’s boy is a bit of a understatement.

2. He has super baby strength.

3. Some may call it stubborn but I’m going with strong willed and determined.

4. Ever see a baby crawl like he’s swimming? Welp, if you haven’t this little guy has it all down. Look out Michael Phelps.

5. He throws himself on his back to laugh hysterically.

6. He definitely knows when he’s in public. He likes to show others how stoic he can be.

7. Do you like making babies laugh? Well this guy is not easily impressed. He rarely cracks a smile when you’re trying to make him laugh.

8. Classical baby on HBO is his jam.

9. Who needs toys when you have water bottles. This kid loves them

10. His other name is Sir fuss a lot. He may be little but he is not afraid to fuss us out.

11. And he’s a apple thief. No apple is safe when he’s near, especially if it belongs to daddy.

12. I can already envision him doing all the extreme activities. Bungee jumping, sky diving, etc. He’s already a little dare devil.

13. Who needs a pacifier when you have a pointer finger. I don’t know what this kid would do without his.

14. I know I am not the only parent who thinks this about their child, but mine is HILARIOUS! But it’s so true he really is! My mom gets tickled when she watches my husband and I hold our stomachs laughing at this little guy.

15. He is not a fan of books. I really really really want my son to enjoy listening to books and one day reading them, but he is not here for it. The majority of our story time is spent with me reciting the books I know by heart and him closing or chewing on the book.

16. This boy likes his carbs and is showing his southern side by munching on lots of grits and rice.

17. Okay, I understand all babys/toddlers are clumsy, but I swear my son is clumsier than the average baby.

18. One easy way to tell if he is tired is when he rests his face on your face. And it’s also the sweetest thing ever.

19. He is the loudest baby ever, but he hates loud noises. His Pa Pa (my dad), has an extremely loud laugh and learned the hard way that Remy is the noise police.

20. He loves to give his mama and dada kisses ❤❤

21. I’m sure I’m being biased again, but he gives the best snuggles.

22. He is still learning how to walk independently, but one day I saw where he tried to take off running. I guess he may run before he walks.

23. The more mobile he gets the more of a little trash panda he becomes. I do not understand the fascination with garbage.

24. He is a big time lady’s man.

25. Is notorious for only wearing one sock.

Okay, I have to stop at some point so since 25 is a nice round number I am forcing myself to stop here. Let’s be real here, any parent can go on and on and on about their kid and I’m no different. I couldn’t help myself so below are some… okay A LOT of Remy’s best moments caught on camera.

Thank you again for stopping by and learning a little bit about the boy who changed my life.

Happy birthday Remy! Mommy loves you!


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