Have you ever heard some rendition of the statement, “I’m not sleep, I just needed to rest my eyes”? Well, I have. And I never really understood why someone would only need to “rest their eyes”. So, whenever I heard this statement I would think, “why don’t you just go to sleep”.

Now that I am a parent, I am so glad I kept my idiotic thought to myself because now I live for moments when I can “rest my eyes”. I know I am not alone in my thoughts because when I was riding with a friend the other day, she suggested I take a quick nap or at least “rest my eyes”. I chuckled a little because I knew I was currently working on this post. And her statement served as confirmation that all the mamas reading would relate, because you too are probably needing to take a moment to rest your eyes.

So, come on let’s do it…close your eyes for 5 seconds and then open them back up. Okay, now repeat. Feels good doesn’t it. Thank you for humoring me and doing this little exercise. Trust me, you are not alone. I closed my eyes as I was writing this.

I am usually not a “misery likes company” kind of person, but when it comes to the issue of sleep, or lack thereof, I have appreciated all the company I can get. For instance, a few weeks ago, I was texting two friends who are dealing with the same issue, and it was so nice to vent to these mamas.

I’ve dealt with hourly nursing (or every 45 mins depending on the day), hearing screams while my husband changed poopy diapers, cringed while he “cried it out” in his crib, dealt with changes to his sleep cycle due to our move, co-slept solely with baby & baby and hubby (even though I swore against this while I was pregnant), and for the past week and a half we have been transitioning the babe back to his crib. I don’t want to jinx myself, but even with nursing several times a night I can see the light at the end of this oh so sleepy tunnel.

I’m sure you’ve noticed from previous posts I like to provide tips to make your life easier. It was difficult to come up with what one may call “helpful tips” for this topic. In any other situation I would go down a standard sleep hygiene checklist but let’s be honest, babies are just different. So, instead these are my survival tips. You’ve been warned. Use at your own risk.

  • Sleep Hygiene: Throw everything you’ve learned about sleep hygiene out of the window. The earlier you do this the better off you’ll be. At this point you have to do whatever you have to too make it to another day.
  • Coffee: Drink as much as you need too function. Before I had my son I drank a cup a day. Now I have at least two large cups, which is probably equivalent to four cups if I’m being honest. Remember this is a no judgment zone. I’m just doing what I have to do to survive.
  • Naps: If possible, take a nap. If you are awake throughout the night with a hungry or cranky baby naps can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a baby who cat naps, but there have been times where my husband, friends, or mother have watched him so I can sleep and it’s so helpful. Do not turn anyone down who is willing to watch your little one while you nap.
  • Hair: Find a style that is fast and easy. Since I have some serious bags under my eyes I try to look presentable in other ways, and my hair plays a huge role in that. When my hair is not done I look like a homeless child. So, to avoid this I have opted for styles that are low maintenance and will last for several days: high bun, ponytail, and my favorite, the Alicia Keys braid. All of these styles can last approximately 3 days, and save me time when I get ready in the morning which is a big plus.
  • Shades: It may be hard to make your under eye bags disappear, but if you want to conceal them throw on some shades. Instead of looking exhausted and tired you’ll look cool and stylish.
Tired mom🥱| Cool mom 😎

So, hang in there mamas. Whatever your sleep story is I want you to know I understand you. I feel you. I am you. So, rock those bags under your eyes with pride because our time is coming. The end of our sleepless nights may not be tomorrow but let’s stay optimistic. They have to come back one day. Right?

❤ Patience  

If you have any sleep recommendations besides “sleep when the baby is sleeping” please share in the comment section below. Me and all the other sleepy mamas would appreciate any help we can get.

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