I, Patience Riley, am the Owner of Prepared to Prosper, LLC. I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Licensed Professional Counselor. My entire career has focused on improving the lives of my clients. I am passionate about helping professional women who are trying to navigate motherhood take back their power and start putting themselves first. Often times we allow our guilt to put our wants, needs, and desires on the back burner of our lives, but I created Prepared to Prosper to provide you with a supportive, guilt free, and productive place to experience personal growth.

As a Personal Wellness Coach, I provide my clients with the confidence to put themselves first in order to live a more balanced life. I have been successful in assisting my clients to reach their goals by utilizing the power of connection and collaboration as the foundation of our professional relationship. As a proud military brat and spouse, I developed a lot of “personal grit” or what others may call resilience and rely heavily on this concept both personally and professionally. We all have strengths to help us on our life journey, and I am here to assist my clients in unveiling and developing this unchartered territory.  I am an exceptional accountability partner and believe by helping my clients work through moments of discomfort, they will ultimately be one step closer to long lasting change. I have adopted the following principles, or what I like to call the 3-Ps to assist during the coaching process.

1. Preparation– we will develop an individualized plan with action-oriented steps to reach your personal goals
2. Partnership– I am here to partner with you by empowering and holding you accountable during and in between our sessions.
3. Prosperity– by putting your plan into action I believe you will start flourishing in these areas of your life.

Outside of my professional life I am a military spouse with a love for traveling, mother of the best son on the planet (okay that statement may be a bit biased), a big-time foodie, music lover, wannabe fitness freak, and lover of creativity. My hope is regardless of where you are right now, we can use our personal and professional skills to get you where you would like to be. I look forward to working with you and meeting you right where you are at.


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